Maasai Girls Fund 
Our students value the opportunity to get a basic education.

The first day of school in 2017 was a life-changing event in for the people of Engong'Narok, particularly the girls and women. 
Mothers and daughters shaved their heads to symbolize a new endeavor, and mothers dressed in their finest to celebrate.  

They're grateful and relieved to know that their daughters and grand-daughters will never be cut and sold, as they once were.

                                                               Local wildlife of Amboseli Park
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This message deeply touched our hearts.   Written in 2016 when we first offered to replace FGM with female education, the message speaks directly about the central goal of the Maasai Girls Fund.  The message reads, "Thank you for educating and saving us." 
In 2017, our friends and donors, Robert and Louise Solomon,  visited the village and delivered 20 solar M-Powered lights to Engong Narok. We had intended them as light in their hand-made homes.  But the community told us  the lights were more useful for keeping hyenas or lions away at night!  
We're sensitive about our interactions with our indigenous friends, who are moving toward modern life out of necessity.  They  need to make their own decisions about how to proceed, without completely destroying the best of their traditional way of life.  
Fresh water is essential to ALL human beings.  During the 7 year East Africa drought, Engong Narok's single hand pump failed: People were forced to drink from the swamp, and many fell ill.  Thanks to our donors - we were able to pay for pipes and a tank to connect the village to a near-by borehole. 
The result: 
10,000 liters of clean water, available daily, right inside the village!  

Solar panels mean some night time lighting and no more long walks to charge batteries.
We brought 2 donated "SUN FLAIR" solar cookers, though we'd had no experience with solar cooking whatsoever.  We took a chance, and placed pots of cut vegetables in at11AM.  By 3:30PM, viola! a delicious cooked food!  The women laughed with amazement!  

They and their families, particularly the youngest and eldest, sometimes suffer from the smoke of cooking fires filling their lungs and harming their eyes.  

Solar cooking also saves time and plant life. On sunny days there's no need to walk to find vegetation to cut.  

On a global level, solar cookers can help clean the smoke made by 3 billion+ cooking fires created around the world each day.  

Currently, the village has only the 2 cookers, which they share. But our goal for 2020/2021 - if we can raise the funds - is to purchase materials for the community to build their own cookers, and possibly sell them to other villages as a small business opportunity.  Stay tuned...