Maasai Girls Fund 
In 2015, we learned that girls in the village we had visited in 2012 were routinely cut and traded for cows as "child brides."  We opened a dialogue with local chief Benson Kelembu and introduced him to Joseph Tipanko, a Maasai advocate to end female cutting. Kelembu was open to new ways and found 5 families willing to break tradition. They promised not to cut their daughters IF the girls were in school. With the help of a local Rotary Club, we paid for one term of school for the 5 girls.(below.)  When they came home on their 1st break, every girl in the village wanted to go school! That's when we form this charity.  Please join our effort to free girls from harm and up-lift a community!  
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According to World Bank and United Nations studies, educating girls is the single best way to up-lift communities and end severe poverty.

Today (2020), we pay for 48 vulnerable girls from Amboseli, Kenya to attend school. 
None will ever be traded for cows and forced into polygamous marriages! 

Instead, they'll be able to count and calculate, .  speak, read, and write in the languages of Kenya (English and Swahili) as well as their native "Maa" language.  As students, they are treated with respect. As grown women they will be valued for their abilities, and have fewer but healthier children who will also grow in dignity... 

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