Maasai Girls Fund 
Until 2016, young girls from the village we help were routinely cut and sold to older men as
 "child brides."  We opened a dialogue, and offered to sponsor the girls as students instead.  The chief and elders agreed, and now every girl is a student, facing a safer, brighter future! 
This girl is 
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According to World Bank and United Nations studies, educating girls is the single best way to 1. Replace poverty with opportunity, 2. Diminish suffering of girl children, 3. Help the environment by preventing over-population, & 4. Impact the future for good.   

Education for girls is opening a new era in Maasai culture.  We sponsor 48 vulnerable girls from Amboseli Kenya. 

Thanks to our donors, none of our students will ever be sold into polygamous marriage 
as a child bride.  

Instead, each will grow with dignity, her body whole. She'll be able to do math, speak, read, and write in English and Swahili as well as her native "Maa". Those skills bring opportunity and earn her basic respect as an educated person. 
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