Sponsor a Girl

Change a life to the better: The cost for one year of school w room, board, and  uniform is:

Grade 3-8: $400
High School: $600

You'll receive a  photo and letter from the student you sponsor (and have the opportunity write back,  if you like.

IF YOUR PREFER TO WRITE A CHECK, please do!  Address to:
Maasai Girls Fund
c/o Mantell, 5 Cherry Tree Lane, Kinnelon, NJ, 07405

$50 Buys a Widow a Goat 

For a woman who has never owned anything,  a goat of her own is a so helpful.  The women-owned herd we started is providing  food security and small business opportunity for the unmarried ladies of the village

Light Up a Village

Who knew???

Solar lights effectively stop jackals, hyenas and lions from jumping the fence at night and killing livestock.  
Amazingly, the village has had NO  incursions for two years, thanks to these lights!  Our donors have now provided 4 out of 7 villages with them.

COST per village = $300

Cost-Free Ways to Help

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Create a Facebook Fundraiser that benefits Maasai Girls Fund. All you need is the link below 

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